Artworks by Jennifer McCary

"Art is limitless, and that is what I love about it!" 


Creating art is my way of experiencing personal liberation repeatedly. Use of Self is a concept which centers becoming an agent of change by knowing ourselves – our best self, our shadows, our flaws – and using who we are to help change occur. To be my best self, I must be in tune with my art. Sharing art is my way of contributing to the changing dialogue and narratives that exists about diversity. Art is the one thing that has broken barriers for time immemorial. 


Jennifer McCary is from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, the school district she credits for inspiring her to become an artist. McCary graduated from Bowling Green State University (BGSU) with her BFA in 2005, MA in 2008, and D.ODC in 2023. McCary primarily used stone as her medium, and her sculptures were influenced by works from artist such as William H. Johnson and David Driskell. Today, her primary medium is oil on canvas, and charcoal. McCary has done two solo exhibitions and has participated in group exhibitions. The highlight of her art journey was displaying two sculptures in So Much More: Ohio's African American Artists exhibition in 2018. When asked about being a senior level executive and an artist, McCary said:

“I choose love and art as my escape. It is freeing and a never-ending adventure.” 

Recent Selected Works 

When Our Hearts Break We Dance


Falcons Sunset

Danced Out of My Clothes Part 1 of 3

Danced Out of My Clothes Part 2 of 3

Danced Out of My Clothes Part 3 of 3

These abstracts come in a variety of color palettes

Untitled  - 2021


Madam President